Placenta Encapsulation


There are many potential benefits for consuming your placenta postpartum. Potential benefits include:

* Reduce/Prevent baby blues/postpartum depression

* Increase lactation

* Increase healing time

* Restoration of iron levels


The cost for placenta encapsulation within a 15 mile radius of Germantown, WI is $200.  Additional costs will be determined depending on your location and needs.


I received certificate training through Placenta Benefits, Inc. in 2011.  I have also received OSHA bloodborne pathogen training and have a food handlers' card, which provided additional instruction on safe handling of your placenta and avoiding any risk of cross contamination.


Currently, I am offering in-your-home encapsulation services only.  Upon agreement, I can either pick up your placenta from your place of birth, or meet you, a family member, or friend at your home to begin the encapsulation process.  The process takes two visits over a two day period with each visit lasting approximately 1.5 hours.  I will clean, steam, and dehydrate the placenta on day one, then return on day 2 to grind and encapsulate the placenta.  You will also receive complete dosing instructions and a keepsake umbilical cord memento (when possible).